Hobbies:- Basically hobbies are those activities which you performed when you have free time or when you want to feel good vibes, relaxation and to kill time in a good manner.  For example:- my hobby is singing,playing chess, making sketches,reading etc. Different peoples have different hobbies according their likes.  Hobbies play a key role in our life so if you wanna pick best hobbies for you following are best option:- 1- If you have a good voice then singing will be best option for you. 2- If you have interest on reading you can read novel, magazines, scripture according to your interest. 3- If you good with numbers and logic you can solve logical puzzles ,drive formulas etc.    Importance Of Hobbies:- Hobbies have various importance in our daily life.some importance of particular hobbies are mentioned below:- * If you have a hobby to wake up early for morning walk then it will be beneficial for your body,mind,willpower. * If you have a hobby reading scripture then it is benefi